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Ophelia :iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 0
I find it hard to play your games
when  I feel less and less worthwhile
Feeling like all the words and names
You call me, wondering who you're calling,
The thoughts behind your easy smile.
It's hard to feel with a shattered sense of empathy.
Does any of this ring a bell, darling?
Or have you lost all your sympathy for me?
Play it off by saying that I'm just being crazy
It is not that simple or plain
Your logic is bent and the truth is hazy
All these games you make the rules for
Do nothing but leave me with pain,
Red stains and tears trailed on the floor.
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 0
Pay rent on your back
Shake 'til your bones snap
No longer a person, just a thing
You know damned well
Why caged birds sing
Countless tears cried
Scars you can't hide
It's okay, it's alright,
Everything's just fine
An endless vicious cycle
Burn it out, toss it back
Watch your skin turn black,
Purple, green, yellow
While your heart
Rots, turns hollow
Keep telling yourself
It's all for love
The good times are just good enough
Hold on to those delusions
It's just your body he's using
Burn it out, toss it back,
Feel your soul fade to black
Pieces of yourself
You'll never get back
Watch your eye turn black
Purple, green, then yellow
While your heart rots,
Goes hollow, hollow, hollow
While your heart rots,
Goes hollow.
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 2 11
Pastiche Girl
Excuse me, I'm sorry, were you still talking?
Pardon me a moment while I crawl though this bottle of vodka.
I'll meet you on the other side
when I'm in a more sanguine mood
to deal with your endless bitch beer banality,
your coffeeshop intellectualism,
and "liberated woman" sophistry.
Glaze my eyes and nod along,
a living soundboard for your endless rhetoric
and overly loud drunken giggles
as you flirt with the scholars.
Making claims of hegemony and patriarchy
in between comments and snarky snide asides
while showing off your tits.
All desperate attempts at creating relevance
to justify your empty bed
and vapid existence.
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 1 0
Sucked down inside,
sacred sanctuary,
echoes lost cries.
Fears you hide,
sink them in,
inside me,
inside me.
Push that darkness,
slip that skin.
Underneath pale purity,
waiting for softness, tenderness,
slick hardness,
Go at it fisticuffs,
go ahead,
call my bluff.
Fill up long days,
stay here always,
beside me,
beside me.
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 2 4
the losing game
it's a bad headspace
a line not traced
tickle in the back of your head
make you twitch feel the guilt
feel the shame
the bulge in the mirror
what are you where are you when are you
how much?
worthless, fucking worthless
the losing game
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 1 0
my favourite reverie
set me spinning
dreaming of velvet lips
heart is sinning
remembering our last kiss
silk tongue satin skin
whispers in my ear
heart games you win
with crystal tears
falling melting down
knees weak breathe fast
love that drowns
could it last?
lost time and sleep
just tonight
yours to keep
til dawn's light
my favorite reverie
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 0
Ode to Google Documents
Google docs Google docs,
How I love you.
You make everything
So easy to do.
Writing with you
Is just like a dream.
I hated Word;
It made me scream!
You're ever so much better,
Right down to every
Droid serif letter.
So great, so awesome
I'll never switch.
Let's dominate these papers
And make them my bitch!
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 2
scribbled scenery :iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 0
Mature content
therapy :iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 0
no real stars to wish on
make a haven from the day
a small heaven far away
locked up secure tight
with artificial lights
reality unlacing
life and body wasting
blissful lack of feeling
staring at the ceiling
full of phosphorescence
a painful adolescence
wishing on artificial stars
hiding all your scars
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 0
spend your weekends working sleeping
spend my weekend starting monday working and not eating
spend your week in a haze of dreaming what i dreamt
robotically repeating customer service to drones that pay me lip service
(servicing lips of a different kind is what i think of)
standing in a haze of not-quite-waking wishing i was drinking
wondering what you're thinking
thinking that i think too much about you
speaking without talking
hearing without listening
wishing that it was your voice to which i'm listening
when i lay awake undreaming the reality i'm
facing but trying to turn away from
succeeding very little but i'm growing up so fast
disappearing from your view
scaring those around me but mostly just only you
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 0
remove these layers
shed this skin snake-like exposed
naked and reborn
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 1 0
standing in your doorway with bitten lips
raindrops in my eyes and quivering fingertips
waiting for your footstep; opening the door
hating every moment but always wanting more
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 3 2
actions speak...
words do not explain
the silence i keep hearing
when you are speaking
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 1 8
by fire
body shakes with anticipation
cannot withstand your temptation
it is not just desperation
this will be my consecration
saving grace from desecration
all-consuming immolation
:iconanoddchild:anoddchild 0 2
mostly poetry and some old well as narcissistic photos...


It starts with a spark
A tiny kiss that barely brushes skin
Fingers like flames tickle the soft flesh just below your ear
Heated breath whispering embers of words
Billowing through the blackened air to melt my steel heart
:iconflermigan:Flermigan 15 28
Light in a Forest :iconblurball:Blurball 2 1
groundhog day
I'm in this place again
Pacing back and forth
Just waiting for you to see me.
And I know it's just a matter of time.
A moment or two before the yellow
in your eyes pierces right through me.
And I fall
Packing up.
A place for everything.
This ring, that ring.
My heart and yours.
There's a place for everything,
you say.
Train's leaving in an hour.
Tracks pulling me to a place I've never been.
Never wanted to go.
But I know it's over.
Nothing here for me.
No more air for me to breathe.
It's not the destination,
it's the journey,
you say.
But I know you.
You're a wonderful liar.
My wonderful sinner.
Every strand of hair is a lie.
Wave to me this morning with your eyes closed.
Better to see me with.
But only this morning.
A deep breath in,
a sigh of relief,
I will see you again.
:iconflermigan:Flermigan 6 15
Catwoman _ Serwaka's Colours :iconnatelyon:natelyon 51 8 Leda and the Swan :iconblurball:Blurball 1 0 White dogs on Grey paper :iconblurball:Blurball 0 2
Mature content
Memories of a stranger :iconmisandrie:Misandrie 24 11
Love is stronger. :iconmiafaith:miafaith 1 0
I felt my soul leave
about 7 days before I died.
I was driving up 93 and
just happened to catch it
floating out the window.
There are moments when
you just
And I knew.
It was only a matter of time.
So few hours left to
say my goodbyes.
Say hellos I had been
meaning to say.
I love yous.
Only a blink of an eye
to tell the truth.
And the truth was
I hadn't really lived.
I tried, yes.
But this wasn't a
It was simply a
And maybe that was enough.
Looking out the window
that day,
in that car,
it was enough.
Closed my eyes,
rolled down the windows and felt
a sudden rush of air.
A breath from someone
else's screams.
Wake Up.
7 days left to finally
open these eyes.
Finally feel,
A week to make these
30 years worth
And then
The end of a life.
My life.
It took me 30 years
to finally figure out that
it could happen
to me.
:iconflermigan:Flermigan 11 24
Truth be told,
I've only had sex a handful of times.
Minus a digit or two.
I'm a child trapped inside a 30 year old's body.
I am honest.
truth be told,
am mostly fiction.
I take the fantasy of you and turn it
into a sex-soaked love affair that's never
Use imagination to make a
That is when they're best.
Recollection by
story telling.
It's always worked because I'm
scared of the reality.
It's harder than it seems.
These days,
it's harder than it seems.
:iconflermigan:Flermigan 10 18
Hit Girl V Captain America :iconnatelyon:natelyon 18 9 From the Forest :iconmaggiedoll:MaggieDoll 2 2 Middle :iconseagull0:Seagull0 3 0 Intermission - sun and moon :iconkatheairene:Katheairene 2,219 99 Drunkin pup :iconforgetmenever86:forgetmenever86 1 0 To Make Things Clear :iconbucketmouse:bucketmouse 280 83


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Thu Jul 1, 2010, 11:08 PM
You'll see your problems multiplied
If you continually decide
To faithfully pursue
The policy of truth

-is there anything depeche mode can't teach me?

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